Thank you for visiting our website!  Here at New Bedford E.P.C. we have two different styles of worship services every Sunday.  Beginning at 8:30a.m., is our Contemporary Worship Service, led by our Praise Team.  Next, beginning at 10:40a.m. is our Traditional Worship Service, this is where traditional hymns are sung and music from our incredible choir and bell choir can be heard.  In between these worship services is Sunday School, Sunday School begins at 9:30a.m., we have many Sunday School classes, for children and adults of all ages.  Please come and visit us and learn more about New Bedford Church.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith....Heb. 12:2


New Bedford Church in 2011 made the decision to become part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

The EPC is made up of about 620 churches nationwide.

The EPC was founded in 1981.

The Central Beliefs of the EPC are....
....The absolute centrality of Jesus Christ.  He is Lord of all creation.
....The need of each and every person to acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord of your life.
....The Bible in its entirety is true.  It is the comprehensive guide of living as a follower of Jesus Christ.
....We are called to share our faith in the Lord both globally and locally.
....God is sovereign over His creation.  He adopts us as His children.  We stand in the historical Reformed Tradition.

The motto of the EPC is ......

                      In Essentials.................Unity
                   In Non-Essentials..........Liberty
                   In All Things.................Charity

To find out more about the EPC go to their web site at www.epc.org