Laura and Edgar Cojon

Serving in Guatemala, Laura is a teacher at the Christian Academy of Guatemala.  Edgar is an assistant pastor at Santuario Familiar, a church in Cuidad Quetzel.  They  are administrators and house parents for a new orphanage.

Autumn marshall

Autumn Marshall OTR/L


Autumn’s passion for Haiti and children with special needs happened on her first mission trip to Haiti in 2007. During that trip her heart hurt when she discovered how children and adults with any type of disability were seen as worthless, cursed, possessed, and therefore were often abandoned, left to die, or ostracized from their communities. The children whose families chose to keep them never got the opportunity to go to school, rarely had friends and many times were malnourished, and rarely got outside their homes. Families who chose to keep their children with disabilities were looked down upon. They were seen as the reason why their child was disabled because they must have done something wrong, and often they as a family were ostracized from their community. As an Occupational Therapist, Autumn saw the potential that each of these children had. She saw children ready to thrive. She saw walls that needed to be broken down so these INVISIBLE children would become VISIBLE. Her mission and vision is to make the Invisible…Visible through Christ…Children…Community…To fight for and advocate for the needs and rights of special needs children in Haiti…and to empower nationals and families to care for these children as God would. Her dream is that every child with special needs in Haiti would receive the therapy and support that they need and deserve because they are VISIBLE and VALUED as members of their society; that nationals would be trained and equipped to be therapists; and that therapy would be recognized as a medical necessity and thus be integrated into Haiti’s medical systems.

5 STAR Global Ministry

OUR VISION: To empower families, caretakers, and locals to provide Christ-centered disability care while training and educating nationals to provide disability advocacy in under-developed countries.

OUR MISSION: We are a Christ-centered ministry whose goal is making the Invisible…Visible by giving a Voice to the voiceless through Christ, Church and Community. Showing the love of Christ first through our actions then through our words. Daily building relationships and being Christ’s hands and feet to those living with a disability in countries that see them as cursed for being different. Bringing hope to the hopeless, light into the darkness…and Joy in the midst of hardship. Making Christ’s love visible and available to ALL! All while using the individual gifts and talents God has given each of us to help each child reach their fullest potential. We plan to do this by focusing on the 5 aspects that form our starfish.



2. Family Empowerment

3. Disability Advocacy

4.Training and Educating Nationals

5. Holistic Therapeutic Medical Care

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Emmaus University, Haiti

Emmaus University exists to equip Christian-like redemptive leaders for the transformation of Haiti, the Caribbean and beyond.  Emmaus University is committed to making disciples, church planters, and transformative teachers.  Matt and Stacey Ayars were our original contact for Emmaus University, where Matt served as Dean and Stacey is the current Director of marketing.


Located in Sierra Leone, Africa, EPC is in the process of church planting in the most unreached areas of the Muslim world.  Our New Bedford Church helps the Presbytery of the Alleghenies with the outreach that will provide educational opportunities in Sierra Leone.  Ten children have been sponsored by our church members.  Sponsorship will provide for schooling and supplies.

WCRF Moody Radio 103.3

Moody Radio Cleveland is a non-commercial radio ministry and is a leading source of Christian talk, Bible teaching and music.  The station reaches a potential of 2 million listeners throughout northeast Ohio, northwest Pennsylvania and parts of Ontario, Canada.  It is owned by Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

Adam Marshall

Miracle Mountian

Miracle Mountain is a non-profit organization  located in Spring Creek, northern Pennsylvania. The three main programs at the ranch are The School of Discipleship, Retreats, and Summer Camp.  Adam will be working with the operations of the 600+ acres plus building relationships with students who will be attending Miracle Mountain’s programs.  Along with his sister, Autumn, Adam is also a member of New Bedford Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

EPC Church plant

EPC Church Plant is located in the Idora neighborhood of Youngstown, Ohio.  "Hope for Renewal"  and the Glenwood Grounds Ministry Center.  Gary and Cindy Koerth have been at the forefront of this church plant ministry.  After many years and much work, they began meeting for worship in 2019.  Within the building they have a café outreach ministry and a playground outreach every Spring through Fall.

CRU Josh and Kathryn Himes

CRU is an interdenominational Christian para-church organization and Josh and Kathryn have been on staff with CRU since 2017.  They developed a heart for college ministry during their undergraduate years at Penn State.  They are thrilled to help students grow in their faith at Penn State.

City Rescue Mission

The City Rescue Mission offers food, shelter, clothing and intervention to the homeless, hungry, fire victims, abused victims, unemployed and natural disaster victims.  The Sankey Youth Center gives children a structured environment with tutoring, crafts, sports, and Bible study. For short term emergency stays, the Covenant House is available.  The Men’s Ministry Program offers a chance for those coming to the Mission to plan how they can improve their skills and abandon destructive habits.  The Mission also operates a Family Care Food Bank.

Seneca Hills

Our young people use this camp with other EPC churches. Seneca Hills has times for retreats, conferences and summer camping.  Michael Harvey is the Executive Director and Rev. Douglas Runyan serves on the Board of Directors.

Breakfast in Bethlehem

Breakfast in Bethlehem is a transformation of the church at Christmas Time to the streets of Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Christ. Families have the opportunity to have breakfast and walk the streets of Bethlehem where children have the interaction at the different shops like Mary’s Kitchen, Joseph’s Carpenter Shop, the Synagogue School and the stable.