Easter Sunday Morning Prayer

(an Easter prayer to the Holy Trinity)


O Lord,

Risen, alive and full of grace.

You paid such a price that we may live in freedom today.

We worship your holy name

and give thanks for your redeeming grace.

Heavenly Father,

May we drink in your tender love so that

we can pour this love out to others.

Come reign in our hearts, minds and spirits.

Holy Spirit,

We welcome you to blow through

our every word, action and thought.

Come transform us on the inside so that each day

we become more like our risen Lord.


A Prayer for Easter Eyes

My Lord Jesus,

You have risen to new life!

Give me new eyes with which to recognize

Your presence in the world around me.

Sharpen my vision so that I see beyond the

ordinary events of each day and into the

extraordinary reality of your grace.

Brighten my view of the world with renewed

hope in the coming of your Kingdom.

Soften my gaze so that I view others with the

kind of tenderness and compassion you

showed to so many.

May each day of this Easter season provide

glimpses of your glory.

In your sacred name, I pray.