About Butterfly Messages

Why Butterfly Messages?

(Judy Riethmiller)

What a better way to spread God’s word than to send messages!  The word ‘messages’ in our title reminds us that those who proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior are sent by God to spread the Good News of His gospel message.  Jesus’ message was one of truth, love, life, and hope.  We here at New Bedford want to share with you that message.  One way we do that is to offer these messages to you via our church website. 

Why the butterfly?  Ancient Christian symbolism of the butterfly centers around the resurrection of Christ and the new life that we find in Him.  When we look at a butterfly we see the beauty of the creature but if we dig deeper to understand where that creature came from we see a journey that is difficult and dark.

The stages of the butterfly are not unlike the stages of our life in Christ.

The butterfly begins as a tiny fragile egg.  When the time arrives a tiny caterpillar is born into a hostile and dangerous world.  We have much in common with the butterfly in this stage of our life. 

Beginning as a tiny egg and being born into a world filled with pain and death and darkness.

In the caterpillar stage it is all about feeding an unrelenting appetite.  All the caterpillar does is eat!  I dare say we are not much different than the caterpillar.  We also have an unrelenting appetite.  We eat to fill our physical appetites but we also eat to fill our material appetites.

But then the caterpillar disappears into a cocoon, the chrysalis stage.  Symbolic of death and darkness, this stage appears to be the end of the line.  We will all reach this stage.  A time when our own mortality stares us hard in the face. Even so, a miracle happens within the cocoon.  Coming from something that appears to have no life the beautiful butterfly emerges. 

Our life does not end at the cocoon stage either if we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior.  In 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 Paul says, “So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.”  This is not the end of the line, we have the promise of eternity with God.

We encourage you to accept Christ into your heart, turn from the appetites of the flesh, and let your cocoon be the power of the Living God, Jesus the Christ, transforming your life from one of endless appetite to one of truth, love, life and hope.  Like the emergence of the beautiful butterfly may you find new life in Christ so that you too may live eternally with Him.

Butterfly Messages are also provided via email or text.  If you would like to participate in sharing these Butterfly Messages with others or if you would like to receive these messages via email or text please contact Beth @724-714-7642, Diana at evangelizedred@aol.com

or our church secretary, Addie @724-964-8055 or newbedfordchurch@verizon.net.

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Thank you for your participation in New Bedford Evangelical Presbyterian Church's "Butterfly Messages" Inspirational Outreach".  Our goal is to share, with as many people as possible, inspirational quotes and scripture verses, sent via email and text messages.  We feel this is an excellent opportunity to share with family and friends words of encouragement, comfort and hope to all that may need their spirits uplifted or just to brighten their day.  By sharing these inspirational quotes and scripture verses, we feel also, in small part and as a church body, we are helping to further God's Kingdom.

Each participant of our Outreach will receive, via text or email, an inspirational quote with a corresponding scripture verse.  Each participant will then forward the quote(s) and verse(s) that they receive to as many people as possible.  These persons would then be asked to forward to as many people as possible, and so on and so on.

Whether you forward one, several or all of the quotes and verses, please consider including anyone/everyone that you think would be willing to keep forwarding our quotes and verses to help us make our Outreach a success and/or anyone who would just love to receive words of encouragement, comfort and hope to uplift their spirit or brighten their day.  Please remember the more people you share with the greater the success of this Outreach, so email and text away!

Again we, the NBEPC's members, thank you and want to say that we truly appreciate your willingness to participate in NBEPC's "Butterfly Inspirational Outreach" and for also being a blessing to others.  We know this Outreach would not be the success that it is today without each of your support and willingness to share the inspirational quotes and verses with others.

To view our messages, challenges, blogs or for additional info about our "Outreach" check out the church's website at:  newbedfordepchurch.org and click on...."Butterfly Messages"

Blessings :)  The NBEP Church Members

Psalms 96:3 NIV

"Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples."

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1.)  You will receive, via email or text, a brief **"Blast Presentation", immediately followed by a "message"; an inspirational quote and scripture verse.

      a.)  Blast Presentation need only to be sent one time, initially to each individual or to each group that you email or text, followed by the quote or verse.

            **See below "Blast Presentation"

2.)  Send one, several or all the "messages" you receive to as many people as possible;

      a.)  Share with family members, friends, coworkers, etc. etc.

      b.)  If someone comes back to you and states that they are not interested forwarding the                 messages, not a problem, just ask if they would be interested in just receiving the                       messages.  If you are not comfortable sending certain quotes and verses to certain                     people then just send the quotes and verses in which you are comfortable sending.

      c.)  If you receive multiple texts, either text the sender back and let them know that you are             receiving them from someone else (the name of the person) or simply delete the                         message and embrace the fact that you have many wonderful family and friends that                 love and care about you :) 


You have been chosen by a friend or family member to be a participant in the NBEPC's Butterfly Messages "Blast" Outreach.  For the next several days forward, one, several or all the "messages" that you receive to as many people as possible that you want to touch with encouragement and hope.  If you don't wish to forward, please just enjoy the quotes and verses that you receive.  On Facebook, Twitter, etc. feel free to share our "messages" there as well :)  Please forward this message on the first day to ALL that you share our messages with.

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"Hope you enjoyed our monthly "Blast" messages.  Thank you for helping to make our Outreach a success and for being a blessing to others.  To view additional messages, challenges, blogs and more, please visit newbedfordepchurch.org and click on the

"Butterfly Messages" tab.

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